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June 30, 2006 by koop
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- To promote the
release of PowerArchiver 2006 version 9.6, ConeXware, Inc. has teamed up
with Stardock Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Partner and the world's leading
provider of desktop customization software for Windows
( ConeXware has chosen Stardock's DirectSkin
skinning engine for use in PowerArchiver, an industry-leading compression
and encryption utility. By implementing DirectSkin in PowerArchiver,
ConeXware i...
June 16, 2006 by koop
Plymouth, MI- (June 16, 2006) – Stardock is the creator of DirectSkin, the premier tool used by software developers to add “skinning” technology to their programs. Syncfusion, Inc. is a leading provider of software components and libraries that enable developers to produce quality software for the most demanding of environments. Recently Stardock and Syncfusion have partnered to assure compatibility of their products.

“Stardock’s DirectSkin is the premier product for quickly and easily creati...
May 30, 2006 by koop
Kristin Hatcher

HMV Licenses Stardock’s DirectSkin for HMV Digital Player
Stardock’s DirectSkin Chosen to Provide Unique Look and Feel to Digital JukeboxPlymouth, MI- May 30, 2006 HMV is the leading provider of music, DVDs and games in the UK and Ireland. HMV recently launched HMV Digital, a new music download service created in partnership with Microsoft. The HMV Digital Player is a customized software jukebox that uses Stardock’s DirectSkin to prov...
January 18, 2006 by koop
Woize International Chooses DirectSkin For Interface Customization Voice over IP Service Provider Will Use DirectSkin for Software Branding   Plymouth, MI- January 18, 2006 Woize International Ltd. (OTCBB: WOIZ) a digital telephony service provider utilizing VoIP technology for phone to PC, PC to phone and PC to PC communications using proprietary software, announces the partnership with Stardock to integrate the DirectSkin development tool with Woize’s VoIP technology. Woize will...
November 16, 2005 by koop
Plymouth, MI- (November 16, 2005) – Ideazon Inc., designer and developer of the Zboard™, the world's first keyboard designed for PC gamers, has selected DirectSkin from Stardock to make their next generation of software skinnable. Users will be able to change the appearance of the software by selecting from a number of skins.   “Ideazon is committed to enhancing the PC gaming experience. Adding skinning to our ZEngine software allows us to do on a software level what our keysets alread...
May 11, 2005 by koop
CANTON, MI- (May 11th, 2005) – Stardock, a Microsoft Gold Partner and a leading developer of software that customizes the MicrosoftWindows Graphical User Interface (GUI), today announced the release of DirectSkin 4.5. DirectSkin is a tool used by software developers to make their applications skinnable, and the latest version has been optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. “DirectSkin from Stardock uses the native drawing features of Microsoft Windows XP to make it easy for .NET F...
April 14, 2005 by koop
DesktopX Widgets offer tremendous marketing opportunities for companies in every market segment and location. Samurai Works, Stardock's business partner in Japan, recently let us know about the success they have had with two of their clients in Japan.Open Computer Network or OCN is an ISP and part of the NTT Communication Corporation, a global IP solution provider. The English version of the OCN website is at  Link, while the NTT Corporate site is at  Link

For OCN, Samurai Works use...
March 18, 2005 by koop
The latest Alienware desktop theme will be posted today. In addition to
Alienware and Stardock, the Alienware theme will also be made available to
visitors of NVIDIA's NZONE site.

This week also saw the release of announcements by Autodesk and the Microsoft
case study of Stardock and ATI's DirectSkin project. This underscores how
desktop customization has emerged as a highly successful tool for marketing new
technologies, movies and entertainment and games. As demonstrated by the ...
March 17, 2005 by koop
A Microsoft Case Study shows how ATI was able to reduce costs and accelerate the development cycle of the Catalyst Control Center by using DirectSkin from Stardock to create a skinnable user interface.DirectSkin is a tool for software developers that easily integrates into applications developed in the most widely used programming languages and supports .NET. Once integrated, developers can use WindowBlinds technology to give their applications a flexible, attractive user interface."Making the ...
April 5, 2004 by koop
Application Development Trends, an on-line magazine with 30,000 plus subscribers, has just completed their review of DirectSkin 4.2. Highlights of the review follow:

"DirectSkin gives you a custom control (OCX) to handle the grunt work of skinning your application. You can use the control in any environment that supports COM controls (including .NET; it works fine via interop). Once you've added the control to your project, it takes 4 lines of code to initialize, and then 2 lines if you want...