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Published on June 30, 2006 By koop In OS Customization
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- To promote the
release of PowerArchiver 2006 version 9.6, ConeXware, Inc. has teamed up
with Stardock Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Partner and the world's leading
provider of desktop customization software for Windows
( ConeXware has chosen Stardock's DirectSkin
skinning engine for use in PowerArchiver, an industry-leading compression
and encryption utility. By implementing DirectSkin in PowerArchiver,
ConeXware is enabling its users to choose how they want the application to
look. Customers can change PowerArchiver's toolbar, icons, menus and even
the application's window.
The two companies additionally launched a skinning contest to encourage
development of PowerArchiver 2006 skins. Designers from across the globe
submitted new user interface styles for the application. The winners were
selected this week and awarded $1,300 in cash prizes, along with free
licenses of PowerArchiver to everyone who participated.
"Over the years, PowerArchiver has led the compression field with an
outstanding wealth of features and options. With the latest version of
PowerArchiver, we wanted to provide our users with the ability to
personalize their experience through the use of skins. DirectSkin from
Stardock is widely recognized as best solution to add skinning ability to
any application, and we were impressed by its speed and ease of
integration," said Drazen Dodig, co- founder of ConeXware, Inc.
"Increased customization and branding are two important and strategic
areas to any company looking to better serve their customer base," said
Brad Wardell, President and CEO of Stardock. "DirectSkin utilizes the
ability to brand any product in a functional and fun way. Although Stardock
is a one- stop-shop for creating customized skins for branding purposes, we
also recognize the importance of users being able to create unique skins.
Using DirectSkin is the perfect solution for that."
"The ability to receive real-time support was outstanding, and Stardock
went far beyond what is expected to make DirectSkin a perfect fit for
PowerArchiver and its millions of users. We eagerly look forward to
becoming part of Stardock's skinning community," said Dodig.
PowerArchiver 2006 version 9.62 is available in 17 languages, and can
be downloaded free of charge for a 30-day evaluation. PowerArchiver is on
the Web at:
More information about DirectSkin can be found at:
About ConeXware:
Since 2001, ConeXware has been a leading provider of compression,
encryption and archiving utilities. Its award-winning flagship product,
PowerArchiver, has set the benchmark for the industry by combining powerful
features with a simple, easy to use interface. The company also offers the
PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-in and PowerArchiver Command Line. ConeXware
software is used by millions of individuals, governments, educational
institutions and corporations around the world. ConeXware's reach spans the
globe, with its software offered in 17 different languages.
About Stardock:
Stardock, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is the world's leading developer of
Windows enhancement utilities. Stardock software is used by over 15 million
people worldwide and has been licensed by cutting-edge companies including
NVIDIA, ATI, Alienware and Nintendo, as well as being used in movies and
TV. Stardock operates, the premier portal for Windows
enhancements drawing more than three million unique visitors each month.
Stardock Entertainment, a division of Stardock Corporation, also develops
best-selling computer games, including the award-winning Galactic
Civilizations series, which are distributed electronically through
Stardock's TotalGaming.Net division. The company's website is:

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