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For Interface Customization
Published on January 18, 2006 By koop In OS Customization

Woize International Chooses DirectSkin

For Interface Customization


Voice over IP Service Provider Will Use DirectSkin for Software Branding 


Plymouth, MI- January 18, 2006 Woize International Ltd. (OTCBB: WOIZ) a digital telephony service provider utilizing VoIP technology for phone to PC, PC to phone and PC to PC communications using proprietary software, announces the partnership with Stardock to integrate the DirectSkin development tool with Woize’s VoIP technology. Woize will be able to easily change the look and feel of their interface as part of their partner branding services.


“Being able to customize the look and feel of our solution is core to our business model,” said Anders Halldin, co-founder and CEO of Woize International Ltd. “We selected DirectSkin from Stardock because it is clearly the premier product for creating skinnable applications. DirectSkin is used by such prestigious companies as ATI, Reuters, Autodesk and others. By choosing DirectSkin, we were assured of compatibility and we knew that we could count on Stardock’s noteworthy support.”


Larry Kuperman, Sales Manager at Stardock, added “Stardock is proud of our partnerships with technology leaders such as Woize. It is clear that VoIP is a growing market and Woize is positioned to become a major player in this arena. By using DirectSkin skinning technology, Woize can rebrand their software virtually on the fly for their partners. This is a major competitive advantage for Woize.”   


DirectSkin is a development tool, based on Stardock’s award-winning WindowBlinds technology. DirectSkin allows software developers to make their applications skinnable. A typical application can be turned into a skinnable one within a few minutes of integrating DirectSkin into the project.


Voice over IP is a technology for routing voice conversations over the Internet, instead of traditional phone lines. It requires a PC with Internet connection, a headset or phone that can be connected and a software application, such as Woize™.


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About Stardock:


Stardock Corporation is the leader in the development and sales of award-winning Windows desktop customization solutions such as the Object Desktop software suite, featuring components including WindowBlinds, DesktopX, IconPackager, and more. Stardock Entertainment also develops best-selling computer games, including the Galactic Civilizations series, which are distributed electronically through Stardock’s TotalGaming.Net division. For more information, please visit the Stardock home page at or contact Tom Ohle at


About Woize:


Woize International Ltd. provides VoIP based digital telephony service for individual users that want to benefit from lower calling costs and provides its partners with a branding solution thus enabling an effective communication and traffic building service.

WoizeTM users can download the application to a PC or PDA and make or receive phone calls over the Internet to other WoizeTM users PC to PC for free using a headset or USB phone and a “broadband” Internet connection. By signing up for a pre paid account and thereby receiving a WoizeTM personal number the user can make and receive phone calls to regular phones world wide at very low rates billed per second. The WoizeTM Windows application also provides users with other various services such as instant messaging, VoiceMail, callerID, call forwarding, SMS and other telephony related special services. The software can be downloaded for free at

Woize has a distinct business model targeted to partners who would like to co-brand or brand the "powered by" Woize services suitable for any company active on the Web that seeks a fast and easy entrance into the VoIP market.

For further information please contact the following:

Investor Relations, Tel: +44-20-7101-6555, Fax: +44-20-7101-6554


Copyright (C) 2006 Woize International Ltd. All rights reserved.



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