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Companies Putting Their Message On The PC Desktop
Published on March 18, 2005 By koop In OS Customization

The latest Alienware desktop theme will be posted today. In addition to
Alienware and Stardock, the Alienware theme will also be made available to
visitors of NVIDIA's NZONE site.

This week also saw the release of announcements by Autodesk and the Microsoft
case study of Stardock and ATI's DirectSkin project. This underscores how
desktop customization has emerged as a highly successful tool for marketing new
technologies, movies and entertainment and games. As demonstrated by the success
of desktop themes such as Zippo and Goodyear Tires, even traditional companies
are using desktop themes to increase market awareness.

The full Alienware press release follows:


Alienware Unveils Exclusive DarkStar Theme to Further Enhance Desktop
MIAMI, FL – March xx, 2005 - Alienware®, the leading manufacturer of
high-performance desktop, notebook, media center, and professional systems, has
introduced an exclusive new desktop theme called Alienware DarkStar™ as the
latest addition to the popular AlienGUIse™ Theme Manager. The new DarkStar theme
is offered with all new Alienware systems at no additional cost and is also
available as a free download at the Alienware website,

Created in conjunction with The Skins Factory and Stardock Corporation,
Alienware DarkStar unleashes a bold new alternative to the standard appearance
of the Microsoft® Windows® desktop. DarkStar features breathtaking design
elements such as audio-enhanced startup and runtime animations,
function-responsive LED arrays, and highly tactile control surfaces. All of
these features combine to create a stunning desktop design brilliantly captured
in black and red and infused with traces of Alienware’s distinctive style.

“Alienware has an unmatched history of bringing style and flair to a PC industry
often mired in dullness,” said Robert Lusk, vice president of sales and
marketing for Alienware. “The highly innovative DarkStar desktop theme
represents the latest chapter in Alienware’s efforts to save PC users from
having to put up with uninspired mediocrity.”

First made available to the public last year, Alienware’s AlienGUIse Theme
Manager includes other cutting-edge desktop themes exclusive to Alienware like
AlienMorph™ and ALXMorph™. Like DarkStar, these stylish Alienware themes provide
an unforgettable transformation to the appearance of a desktop, dramatically
altering the look and feel of icons, wallpaper, Windows Media Player, and more.

“The Skins Factory continues to work hand-in-hand with Alienware to transform
the landscape of desktop design,” said Jeff Schader, President and CEO of The
Skins Factory. “Our companies represent the perfect symbiotic match to deliver
to customers show-stopping desktop displays like DarkStar that surpass all
expectations of creative excellence.”

Like The Skins Factory, Stardock shares Alienware’s vision to set a new standard
of customization for the PC.

“Stardock has once again partnered with Alienware to offer customers a unique
desktop environment,” said Larry Kuperman, Corporate Sales Manager at Stardock.
“By licensing Stardock’s Theme Manager software, Alienware is able offer
customers unique and exciting alternatives to the standard desktop appearance.”

About Alienware
Alienware manufactures high-performance desktop, notebook, and media center
systems and leading-edge professional systems. Alienware offers unique and
award-winning products that incorporate state-of-the-art components, innovative
engineering and design, and unprecedented customer service. Alienware systems
are available direct within the United States, Europe, Australia and New
Zealand, and will soon be offered in other locations around the Pacific Rim. For
more information, please visit or call
1-800-ALIENWARE (254-3692).

# # #

Alienware Contact:
Jaclyn Gonzalez
Public Relations Specialist
(305) 251-9797

The Skins Factory
Jeff Schader
Office: 954.577.8471

Stardock Contact
Larry Kuperman
Sales Manager
(734) 762-0687 xt. 227

on Mar 21, 2005
does this software support and manage suite files that i have been downloading of this site?

if no then how do i apply them?
on Mar 21, 2005
s8njim, If you already have Theme Manager installed to use with suites on this site, the Alienware suite will install into your existing Theme Manager.
on Mar 21, 2005
So why is this suite in the Windows Media Player & Windowblinds gallery and not in the suites gallery, since they can't be downloaded separately from there, Mike?
on Mar 21, 2005

is this theme manager just the one where you right click on desktop and select your theme

if so how do i upload the themes from there?
on Mar 21, 2005

s8njim, it's Stardock's Theme Manager which is part of Object Desktop.

The Alienware suite comes with a special version of it for those who don't already have the full version.

Yrgal, I don't have an answer for you. It's not my decision.

on Mar 21, 2005
Thanks for answering, MikeB314!

No-one else seems to be willing to answer that question either. I just want someone to give a straight forward answer why the rules for uploading apply just to some. If there are different rules, that's fine with me, but could anyone explain why it is so? I just want to know why some skins are allowed to be in the wrong gallery while others get removed for far less reasons.
on Mar 21, 2005
Ya just gotta here it from someone in power here??? The owners of the site can do what they want when they want...some of the perks of being a business owner..just the way it is and it's no big deal....get over it and move on, you know the answer already..why push for a formal announcement of why?
on Jun 27, 2006
Okay...  :/