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Next Generation of ZEngine Software Will Be Skinnable
Published on November 16, 2005 By koop In OS Customization

Plymouth, MI- (November 16, 2005)Ideazon Inc., designer and developer of the Zboard™, the world's first keyboard designed for PC gamers, has selected DirectSkin from Stardock to make their next generation of software skinnable. Users will be able to change the appearance of the software by selecting from a number of skins.



“Ideazon is committed to enhancing the PC gaming experience. Adding skinning to our ZEngine software allows us to do on a software level what our keysets already do for our keyboards,” said Michael Aronzon, Software Development Manager for Ideazon. “We were impressed with Stardock’s excellent reputation and the wide-spread acceptance of Stardock’s skinning standards across the technology sector. Stardock is a Microsoft Gold Partner and their skinning products are used by companies in our industry such as Blizzard and Alienware, so we were assured of compatibility with accepted standards.”


The next release of the ZEngine software will include a special Zboard skin created with Stardock’s SkinStudio as well as three skins created by the Stardock skinning community. In addition to the default look, users will be able to change the appearance of the software by selecting Seti Green, created by David Knott (DavidK), Ketix by Tim (Essorant) Dagger or DogmaX by Jim (Brewman) Brubaker.


 “We are really excited by the opportunity to work with Ideazon,” said Larry Kuperman, Sales Manager at Stardock. “They are a recognized leader in the gaming industry and with Stardock’s TotalGaming.Net PC games division, it was a natural partnership.


Ideazon is working with Stardock Media, the graphics design division, to create a number of skins based on today’s most popular PC games. Users will be able to download these skins to further enhance their PC experience.

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About Ideazon, Inc.
North American-based Ideazon Inc. develops, manufactures and markets the next generation of gaming peripheral technologies that enable a new level of interaction between end-users and their PC games. Zboard™ products enhance the gaming experience, accelerate gamers through the initial stages of a new game and ultimately improve gamer satisfaction. Ideazon is headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario. For more information, contact the company at or on their website at



About Stardock:


Stardock Corporation is the leader in the development and sales of award-winning Windows desktop customization solutions such as the Object Desktop software suite, featuring components including WindowBlinds, DesktopX, IconPackager, and more. Stardock Entertainment also develops best-selling computer games, including the Galactic Civilizations series, which are distributed electronically through Stardock’s TotalGaming.Net division. For more information, please visit the Stardock home page at or contact Tom Ohle at


on Nov 18, 2005

Always good to convert companies to the Dark Side....
on Nov 18, 2005
Another win for Koop...
on Nov 19, 2005
That is one cool keyboard.

I can't wait to have a software company (or a service-ware company that sells software) and get this... Direct Skin thingy.