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Gives Developers An Easy Way To Make Applications Look Modern
Published on April 5, 2004 By koop In OS Customization
Application Development Trends, an on-line magazine with 30,000 plus subscribers, has just completed their review of DirectSkin 4.2. Highlights of the review follow:

"DirectSkin gives you a custom control (OCX) to handle the grunt work of skinning your application. You can use the control in any environment that supports COM controls (including .NET; it works fine via interop). Once you've added the control to your project, it takes 4 lines of code to initialize, and then 2 lines if you want to change skins later. Of course, you aren't forced to allow the user to change skins; you can use DirectSkin as just a way to get a custom look for your own application.

In addition to the simple code to set up a skin, there are a batch of other methods available from the OCX. You can decide whether to skin message boxes, use secondary skins for parts of the application (up to 64 simultaneous skins are supported), skin a particular control, add additional threads to hook, and more."

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