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New marketing tools connect customers and businesses
Published on April 14, 2005 By koop In OS Customization
DesktopX Widgets offer tremendous marketing opportunities for companies in every market segment and location. Samurai Works, Stardock's business partner in Japan, recently let us know about the success they have had with two of their clients in Japan.

Open Computer Network or OCN is an ISP and part of the NTT Communication Corporation, a global IP solution provider. The English version of the OCN website is at Link, while the NTT Corporate site is at Link

For OCN, Samurai Works used DesktopX to create a Widget for European Football fans living in Japan. You can see it at Link and Link

Gulliver International is a highly respected car dealer that makes extensive use of online auctions to better serve their customers and keep their inventory fresh. Gulliver uses a DesktopX Widget to connect users to their auction sites. Please see Link

Gulliver and OCN are very different in many ways, but they share a vision of using desktop technology to better serve their customers. DesktopX Widgets can be developed quickly, are easy to distribute and offer a degree of connectivity that other advertising mediums cannot match.

Thanks to Mr. Toru Sakamoto of Samurai Works for this story and for providing the screenshots. Domo arigato!

on Apr 14, 2005
Great news..