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And the winners are....
Published on June 23, 2006 By koop In WinCustomize News
The judges of the PowerArchiver Skinning contest have been announced!

Top 5 Overall Skins:

MyPA by Marc A. Foumberg - $500

Adrenaline by PixelPirate - $250

FrostBite by Marc A. Foumberg - $125

Warna by Basj - $100

Caution by Canmandeco - $75

Most Unique Skin:

Warna by Basj - $250

To everyone who submitted a PowerArchiver skin built with our new DirectSkin engine, thank you!

Comments (Page 1)
on Jun 23, 2006
There were a lot of great submissions. Good job everyone!
on Jun 23, 2006
Congrats! Personally I like the pixel pirate's skin!

And my little question is: The FrostBite by Marc A. Foumberg uses the frames of my EulB wb skin, right?
on Jun 23, 2006
Some nice looking skins.

I still can't believe I missed this contest.......
on Jun 23, 2006

The FrostBite by Marc A. Foumberg uses the frames of my EulB wb skin, right?


You got a pretty strong case JJ.

on Jun 23, 2006
Oh, and congrats Pixel Pirate.
on Jun 23, 2006
And my little question is: The FrostBite by Marc A. Foumberg uses the frames of my EulB wb skin, right?

Pretty blatant theft that is. How pathetic.

on Jun 24, 2006
Ah, I can try to get up with Marc about it. He usually hangs out on the Opera browser forums.

Edit: I sent him a private message on the Opera forums. You can get some of his contact info if you want here:
on Jun 24, 2006
Skinner JJ Ying: I created the images my self. The colors are the same however.

But I have seen your skin under another name on a different site. Thats where I got the idea for the color scheme. They look almost the same.

I would be more than willing to include you in a "credits" text file included with the PA skin to help remedy the problem.

But honestly, every image I created in PSP v10.

I would like to discuss this further with you offline. I will send you an email with my address. I would really like to resolve this with you.

on Jun 24, 2006
Citizen MarcFou

I created the images my self. The colors are the same however.

Thats going to be tough. After looking at the image on PowerArchiver site and jjyings. It's pixel for pixel gradient for gradient, button for button, corner for corner. Everything perfectly lines up graphically.

Though what do I know. Matters should be dealt privately.
on Jun 25, 2006
vf-: I dont know. I would have to download EulB to look at it. As I've already stated I got the colors from another skin altogether.

I havent heard back from JJ as of yet. But in the mean time I am re-working some elements to create a greater distinction between my work and his. I dont mind doing that and it will help clear this up beyond any doubt.

I will communicate with JJ happily and submit my proposed changes etc.

on Jun 25, 2006
Basically, my EulB is just a simple skin, I totoally believe you can do it much better than me.

But, after I looked into your skin, I have to say, it's not done by you! You know, apparent vertical gradient in toolbar bg is not common in wb skins, especially when the window frames use the same grandient. Because after stretched, the toolbar bg won't match the window frames well. As a very very beginner, I have no idea to resolve this when making EulB more than one years ago, but in you skins, I DO found this mismatch between toolbar bg and window frames.

All I see you have done is just change the titlebar font and add (-/0/x) to the titlbar btn...

AND, your Slate skin looks damn like Sustenance! Have you ever mentioned KOL? Or just another coincidence?
on Jun 25, 2006
I'm not using a gradient in toolbar bg. its a solid color. On that issue I really dont understand the statement.

To say all I did was change the title bar is in-accurate since that implies I used your skin. Which is not the case.

As for Slate. Thats MS's design. Created from screenshots. Many people mimic different OS themes. I have no more claim to it than anyone else.

I already have a satisfactory solution (I think). If you wish to contact me that would be great. Since it would be easier for us to communicate.
on Jun 25, 2006
MS's design? Other skins? You 're GREAT!!! All right...I have no more words to say...
on Jun 25, 2006
I tried to resolve this to YOUR satisfaction. Apparently thats not possible.

Within 48 hours the skin in question will have been modified to the point of unquestionable distinction or removed altogether.

Thank you for working with me to resolve the problem.

And thats all I have to say.
on Jun 25, 2006