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And the winners are....
Published on June 23, 2006 By koop In WinCustomize News
The judges of the PowerArchiver Skinning contest have been announced!

Top 5 Overall Skins:

MyPA by Marc A. Foumberg - $500

Adrenaline by PixelPirate - $250

FrostBite by Marc A. Foumberg - $125

Warna by Basj - $100

Caution by Canmandeco - $75

Most Unique Skin:

Warna by Basj - $250

To everyone who submitted a PowerArchiver skin built with our new DirectSkin engine, thank you!

Comments (Page 2)
on Jun 25, 2006
Thats an old screenshot. But this one is a bit more current. Although I plan on making some changes to it.

As for the slate comparisons there are some similarities, but since they are both based on the same theme thats expected.
on Jun 25, 2006
But in the mean time I am re-working some elements to create a greater distinction between my work and his

Were I come from, that's called "covering your tracks".

I've looked at both skins and they aren't similar. Similar would mean it "kind of looks like it".
Sorry to say, but they are both "exact" copies.
If he created both from scratch, why change anything.
on Jun 25, 2006
If he created both from scratch, why change anything.
Simply to make him happy. Why else? But since you put it in that perspective I really dont have to do anything. But I will.
on Jun 25, 2006
hmmm for me...i do copy from ppl work along time ago...just to see how he/she did it..and make something totally new...on your own..but i dont think i will use it as a competitions entries....the risk is tooo high...specially from high profile skins. Dont you think?
on Jun 25, 2006
on Jun 25, 2006
I can't believe you won 500 bucks ripping someones skin. You should be ashamed of yourself. The right thing to do would be admit it, remove the skin, refuse your prize money, and apologize to JJ.
on Jun 25, 2006
Sorry... 125 bucks.
on Jun 25, 2006
Just for the record I pointed this out to the people running the contest on May 17th. I sent them an email to let them know that their were strong similarities between his skins and other peoples work. I also provided links to the original skins here on wincustomize so they could see for themselves.

I compared pixtudios Nvidea skin to his Poison skin which also used Foood's iCandy Jr icons, Longhorn Plex M5 by Voodoo_Freak to his Longhorn skin, And Kols Sustanance to his Slate skin. The frostbite skin wasn't posted yet.

They acknowledge my email but requested that I confront him on the power archiver forums, which I did not do. I thought that was their responsibility once I brought it to their attention. Someone had already done that anyway as you can see at post #6 and #7 in this thread: But it was ignored. Notice too how he admits to "tweaking and adjusting" the graphics of the nvidea them. So far that is the only one that was removed but that was long after it was pointed out.

In the reply to me, they also cc'd a stardock employee whom I will not name. Whether or not they contacted him or not I don't know. But they were aware of it.
on Jun 25, 2006
I compared pixtudios Nvidea skin to his Poison skin
That skin was intended to be a 100% replica. I downloaded it from NVidia and ported it to PA so it would match the win theme. I never, at any time claimed it to be mine. The name "NVidia" could not be used for the skin name i was told so it was renamed. I dont know how many times I have to say it. It was an intentional copy that I meant to be 100% identical in every way.

Notice too how he admits to "tweaking and adjusting" the graphics of the nvidea them.
I admit nothing except what I have already stated above. Its a non-issue.

which also used Foood's iCandy Jr icons
I have Jono's permission to use those icons as well as others.

Slate and Longhorn were created from OS images and screenshots. Neither myself or anyone else holds legal rights to the names or likeness of the themes. But thats another topic.

I offered to work with JJ and resolve this to his satisfaction. Despite 'others' comments I will remain civil since thats the best way to solve any problem. Although I have already initiated a resolution I am still open to communicating with JJ on the matter.
on Jun 26, 2006
wouldn't be too difficult to prove if you remade the window frames in red for comparison. If you did it once you can do it again in a jiffy since they are not very complicated images.
on Jun 26, 2006
First and foremost I owe JJ Ying my most sincere apology.

I originally saw JJ’s skin on another web site under a different name and wanted to use the color scheme. But the skin soon turned out to be the same, and I didn’t really see anything wrong with it at the time. To the eye, its impossible to see any real difference.

The skin I produced for PA was more than similar to JJ’s and I now realize that my actions and decisions were wrong. JJ is better than most people and I do appreciate his patience and understanding in all of this.

As of current we have come to an agreement where we are both happy and the skin I created will under go numerous changes (currently in progress) amongst other things.

JJ. I do apologize for everything. You are a good person and I hope the good things in life find you well. Thanks for working with me to resolve this.
on Jul 05, 2006
Whatever it is, it's still wrong to copy someone's original idea over, especially for competitions. Even if you do gain the credit, does it make you feel good? won't you feel the least bit guilty or remorseful?
I believe originality still prevails when it comes to judging on your competition works.

Be thankful JJ didnt make this matter big. His generosity is commendable.
And yea, maybe you should have just apologized earlier so that people won't have the initial idea that you're just a loser who copies people's work.
Glad the issue's solved.

Well, keep up the good work everyone