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Joe Darwin, Director of Technical Marketing at, has me asked to let everyone know about this great contest. The prize list is outstanding, including:

3 GeForce 6800 Ultra Graphics cards, autograped by Jen-Hsun Huang, the Co-founder, President and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation.

3 GeForce 6800 GT GPUs, similiarly autographed.

A state-of-the-art Gaming System from Velocity Micro

A state-of-the-art Gaming System from VoodooPC

5 AMD Athlon™ 64 Processors, 3700+ with nForce3 Motherboard

The list goes on with motherboards, cases, processors, Graphics cards and more.
on Jul 16, 2004
thats a crazy hunt, helps with highspeed internet.
Found em all finally.
on Jul 16, 2004
Can't find the 2nd everything else...

[Edit] ...Nevermind...I found it...
on Jul 16, 2004
I'm eligible! Now I hope to save a bit of money...
on Jul 16, 2004
oh buggery.... US and Cans only, blasted :/
on Jul 16, 2004
Took me about an hour to find all those ribbons...#3 & 4 were 50 minutes of that hour. A very cool idea for a contest...hope I win something!
on Jul 18, 2004
Hmm..... I'm doing something irritatingly long: the only things I could find were 3 and 4. Am I not looking somewhere or something?