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FileFront is featuring an exclusive preview of The Political Machine. The preview includes a number of exclusive screenshots. Check it out!

"The Political Machine looks to be a very promising title."
on Jan 23, 2004
Political Machine, very cool.
But is it really politically correct?
HA! who cares we all know who's going to win.

That's right...

He's tanned...

He's rested...

He's back from the dead...

NIXON in 2004
on Jan 23, 2004
Awesome job on the game guys, can't wait to see it.

That was the first exclusive FileFront has worked on and I am very glad StarDock was as genuinely friendly as they were.

Matt 'Crash' Aster
Manager of Public Relations
FileFront, Inc.
on Jan 29, 2004
Can u take over the world with it by just clicking around?