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Published on December 18, 2003 By koop In WinCustomize News

Any organization needing help for fund raising or other seasonal activities can download a free walking desktop Santa, complete with ringing bell, for use in their fundraising campaigns. By offering its software to organizations that help others, Stardock hopes to accomplish the most good this holiday season.

Santa was created with DesktopX technology, but users do not need any software installed on their PCs. Just download and run the executable and Santa will walk across your desk, ringing his bell.

This story has also been posted on Yahoo!, CBS Marketwatch , Lycos  and other places, but if you are a member or contributor to any eligible organization, please let them know of this opportunity

on Dec 18, 2003
on Dec 19, 2003
8 days until Christmas
on Dec 19, 2003
Thank you stardock and wncustomize this is a nice thing for you to do i have a friend here in TN that has donated 60,000 and 100 acres of her land for a animal sanctuary where they will be adopted or forever stay .i also am a tempeary care giver of abused animal but my job is to get the animal to trust again and no what home the animal should be placed in .any animals from domestic to exotic .unfortunately the exotic will never be place so they will forever stay at the i hope this will help in there fund-raising activities.
on Dec 19, 2003
I thought this was very nice. It has given me an idea for making one for the Amber Alert for the desktop.

See how positive things tend to multiply?

on Dec 21, 2003
Nice and fun