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Published on September 12, 2003 By koop In WinCustomize News
According to Fox News, Apple Corps., the company that was founded by the Beatles, is suing Apple Computer over the iPod and iTunes.

Apple Corps. contends that, under a long standing agreement, the Apple logo and name would may only be used for computers and never for a music company.

When Steve Jobs founded Apple Computers, the Beatles already had a famous corporation named Apple. Jobs admitted using a similiar name for his company as a "tribute." Apple Corps. sued and won a settlement and the promise that the Apple name would never be used for music. Apple Corps. has successfully sued Apple Computer in the past for violations.

We'll have to see what the courts decide, but a first glance it seems pretty ironic.

on Sep 12, 2003
Talk about washing your dirty clothes in public, sheesh!
on Sep 12, 2003
go beatles!
on Sep 12, 2003
Is Apple just horribly mismanaged or do they like losing money?
on Sep 12, 2003
Pffft... they should get over themselves. 'Sif they don't have enough money already.
on Sep 12, 2003
You sign a consent decree to end a lawsuit, then you break the agreement, you should expect to be sued. I agree with Sirius...this seems like massive mismanagement. You agree not to go into the music business to settle a lawsuit, then launch iTunes. Doh!!! Oops, I forgot about that lawsuit.....
on Sep 12, 2003
Speaking of, "Do'h!", how much you wanna bet that Steve Jobs is channeling Homer Simpson's spirit? Lack of organization won't get Apple anywhere in court. "Um, I'm sorry, I forgot. Please don't take my money." Hmm, if Jobs doesn't want to lose money, WHY does he endorse Apple? Sorry all you Apple users out there. Windowblinds and DX2 only work on Windows.
on Sep 13, 2003
Serves them right, I remember a couple of years back when even the venerable Joe Bevilaqua (on was concerned that Apple would sue him for having 'aqua' in his last name.
on Sep 13, 2003
Yeesh! Apple vs. Apple?? Can we start saying WHICH apple plz?
Fine,Apple computers should rename to something better then. Or maybe Apple computer corp. should just protect themselves by that thing featured in some of the walls here- merge with Microsoft.
Besides, Apple pc looks blended with Windows functionality? That'll squash Linux flat!
on Sep 14, 2003
To show our support, lets go on kazaa and download all Beatles songs instead of useing iTunes..
on Sep 15, 2003
Well I heard that they could possibly lose rights to the Apple name, then what will they be? I have a name, how about overpriced pay alot more for less computers...? hehe
on Sep 17, 2003
Oh boy, what a lot of FUD going around... More than likely Stevie boy will probably throw Apple Corpse a bone and they will waddle back under that rock again.

on Sep 19, 2003
OK,I'll add on to Pixine's idea-all in favor of Beatles Apple start d/ling lots of songs off whichever p2p prog you use!
Alert to Apple computers-use all that money you got for those high priced machines and MERGE WITH MICROSOFT!!!